Viral TikTok spotlights wild ‘Everywhere, All At Once’ Easter egg

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A viral TikTok has pulled back the curtain on an All Everywhere, All At Once Easter egg that casually broke the fourth wall in one of the film’s pivotal scenes.

Without getting into spoilers, Everything Everywhere All at Once is a different take on a multiverse action adventure that drives its tale of a family push amid a cross-dimensional crisis.

In one of the scenes, lead actress Michelle Yeoh “dives” into the multiverse aspect of the film when the directors gave us a look at the different versions of her character.

Easter egg Anywhere All at once

Apparently, during this edit, the filmmakers snuck in a photo of Yeoh working on a green screen with others from the production in full view during a Zoom call.

TikToker ‘HiddenMovieDetails’ has slowed down the action of the film to reveal a fun Easter egg that puts Everything Everywhere All at Once’s VFX team on the big screen.

Directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert had to maneuver to make an incredibly creative film during all the shutdowns resulting from the health issues of 2020.

As such, they had to be smart in a few places throughout the film to get past certain hurdles that limited their output.

The beauty of this scene in the film has a practical storytelling angle that doubles as a cheeky Easter egg.

For one thing, it was simply one of many versions of Yeoh’s character featured in the edit. On the other hand, it was a slick easter egg for people who caught the blink-and-miss moment that revealed a bit more behind the scenes.

The Daniels previously revealed some other cinematic gems they needed to pull off to complete their 2022 hit, and fans are having fun rediscovering some of their favorite Everything Everywhere moments while tracking them down.

Robert M. Larson