The price of the base model of the Ford F-150 Lightning increases again

CNN Business

Ford is again raising prices for the F-150 Lightning electric pickup, but the price increase will only affect the base model. The truck has only been in production since the end of April and the prices have already been increased once at the beginning of August.

When the F-150 Lightning first went on sale, the base version of the truck, a version aimed primarily at commercial fleet customers, cost around $40,000. With this latest price change, the price of the base model truck “for new commercial customer orders” will start at around $52,000. Ford had already raised the base price by $7,000 as part of the April increase.

The adjusted manufacturer’s suggested retail price will be in effect for commercial customers placing orders beginning Oct. 24, Ford said in a statement. Ford blamed “ongoing supply chain constraints, rising material costs and other market factors” for the price hike.

The price increase only affects this version of the truck, Ford spokesman Dan Barbossa said, and does not imply similar increases for other, better-equipped versions of the truck.

With the previous price increase, Ford had made some improvements to the base model and made additional features available. The EPA estimated range for the base truck model was increased from 230 miles to 240 miles and certain additional option packages were made available on the base truck at this time.

Ford’s previous price increase also included other versions of the truck up to the highest trim levels.

Ford stopped taking new customer reservations for the Lightning in December, fearing it wouldn’t be able to build the trucks fast enough to fill all those potential orders. The number of reservations had reached 200,000 by then. Ford had delivered 8,760 Lightning trucks by the end of September, according to the company’s latest sales report.

Robert M. Larson