Spyder Auto Highlights New Apex Series Lighting

When it comes to front and rear lights, several factors play a role in creating a good product. Obviously light output is one of them, but housing durability and aesthetics also play a key role. After all, most enthusiasts want a set of lights to match the performance of their off-road vehicle, and a cheap set just won’t cut it. Now Spyder Auto has created the Apex series lights for the Ford off-road market which includes the Bronco and F-150 Raptor.

Sypder Auto sets your truck apart with LED lighting and projector headlights to ensure excellent visibility in all conditions.

The Apex series is more than just a fancy name with some basic flashes behind it – the lights are fully LED and feature a Lux rating of 900-1050 depending on the application, with the majority of its products in the 950 region. -1025. While the exit is bright from the driver’s perspective, the use of floodlights reduces blinding from oncoming traffic. This is because the spotlights have a fixed cut-off line and will aim lower on the left and higher on the right. However, the range is still 40% greater than that of a normal halogen lamp.

While off-roading can be tough on trucks, the Spyder Auto Apex series lights boast being made from a polycarbonate that can take extreme abuse. The lights are sealed inside several times to ensure that it would take more than a few thrown stones to reach the core. These lights aren’t just for off-roading, as they’re DOT and SAE certified.

If you want to pair the performance of your Ford Raptor or Bronco with a lighting system, then Spyder Auto has you covered with its Apex Series. Instead of X-raying oncoming traffic or dealing with broken cases, this new series is designed with form and function in mind.

Robert M. Larson