Review: Lightning Seeds – See you in the stars

Variety and pathos abound on The Lightning Seeds’ new album.

Lightning Seeds’ hit Three Lions has become an ubiquitous presence in recent years, so you might be surprised to learn that See you in the stars is their first new album in 13 years.

There are a few star cameos in the writing credits, one being The Specials legend Terry Hall, who also co-wrote Lucky You. They bring another hit on this album with Emily Smiles; jovial and optimistic about miscommunication and positivism and how lives can be changed by a moment like a smile.

The opening track, Losing You, is a plaintive song about falling in love and falling in love, which has a good hook and some great guitar and drum beats, with airier backing vocals from Martyn Campbell and Adele Emmas. .

Green Eyes is a catchy song about a love you can’t let go of, while Sunshine springs to life with a big start, bringing another bright, psychedelic soundscape backed by strings, keys, big production, drums and swirls. brass.

Fit For Purpose, a ballad with a lovely melody and sumptuous strings, is about standing strong in adversity and not letting darkness take over, Broudie poignantly thinking of her mother’s words in the midst of her brother who commits suicide.

Live To Love You is a faster, catchy song with romantic, nostalgic lyrics, while Permanent Danger features Spanish-style guitar and drum machine sounds. The album comes to life and gives its heart through Broudie’s signature vocals – heartfelt, emotional, soft and sensitive – but here it reaches a further, more imploring and robust point, its powerful and wistful lyrics: “My heart is in difficulty… tell me something good”.

Walk Another Mile is a real party for a song involving disagreement, with lots of stuff, “Ba booms” and repeated words bringing in a bit of Northern Soul for good measure. It sees a couple pleading with their partner to listen to their point of view, with one partner wanting the other to, “Try walking a mile in my shoes baby”.

However, the album ends on a very emotional and reflective note. The title track is a heartbreaking but unifying ballad about a deceased friend of Broudie, a friend who helped bring him back into the world when he was in his darkest times.

Beautiful words mourn a dear friend and reflect the difficulties of life. However, they also encourage people to be strong, keep going and believe in love when they are going through tough times, and leave an uplifting message:

“You need a friend to say, come on board, this world is a big ball / Good times can define us, bad days will always find us, stay strong, move forward, believe in love when things turn wrong”. There is also a beautiful sentiment to his friend: “The angels smile and laugh with you, because I hope they do”.

See You In The Stars has excellent production and instrumentation, with beautiful vocals and varied, heartfelt lyrics that aim to uplift people and give hope.

Ian Broudie is back with an uplifting and entertaining album that stays true to the classic Lightning Seeds sound, but also adds soulful modern elements from the 60s and 80s.

Robert M. Larson