Positive Marco Rubio ad highlights ways the incumbent is ‘getting things done’

As voters turn their attention to the general election, the U.S. senator. Marco Rubio released a new announcement touting his accomplishments.

The 30-second spot goes through a series of top-to-bottom issues with broad appeal, from stepping in on a Jacksonville slumber merchant dispute to develop legislation to helping businesses survive the pandemic.

“Marco Rubio is getting things done for Florida,” said Elisabeth Gregoire, director of communications for his campaign. “He’s a tireless fighter for this state and the only candidate in this race who has delivered result after result for the people of Florida. Val Demings can’t hold a candle to his impressive record, and in November Floridians will re-elect Marco Rubio to the United States Senate.

The ad brings together a series of local and national reports highlighting Rubio’s accomplishments.

It notably kicks off with a story that has only received media interest in Florida, showing footage of the senator in a Westside Jacksonville apartment complex. He held a press conference last year at Valencia Way Apartments to show improvements after working with the Department of Housing and Urban Development to rehabilitate the once dilapidated community.

“Marco Rubio is stepping in to help residents of a struggling apartment complex,” said a local presenter. He cuts to other local reporters describing the federal inspections and stating that “Rubio has taken action.”

It then cuts to various journalists discussing the Paycheck Protection Programa massive federal response to the pandemic that bailed out businesses facing a cash crunch so businesses didn’t need to lay off employees.

“Sen. Rubio was really instrumental in shaping the Paycheck Protection Program,” says the Spectrum News reporter Samantha Jo-Roth in a clip featured in the ad.

The task then moves on to a series of other accomplishments, including helping veterans and the military. This includes a CNN anchor clip Jake Taper discussing the senator “in the face of the combustion fireplace crisis”. Rubio was the main Republican sponsor of the PACTE law adopted this year, which expanded the coverage of service members exposed to combustion sources during their service.

The full announcement focuses on the senator’s effectiveness during his first two terms. His campaign noted that the Center for Effective Lawmaking has consistently ranked Rubio as the the most efficient Republican Senator.

The publication of this announcement comes after Rubio booked more than $1.3 million at announcement time for the first week of the general election cycle.

It’s also a positive message coming a day after Rubio’s campaign released another TV spot, this one. tackle Democratic Senate candidate Demings’ record in Congress.

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Robert M. Larson