Percy Jackson Writer Reveals Filming of The Lightning Thief Is Almost Complete

Percy Jackson author Rick Riordan gave fans an update on the status of Disney+ Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Riordan revealed on its website that the production is “approximately up to chapter sixteen” of The Lightning Thief, which contains 22 chapters. However, Riordan reminded fans that they don’t always film the events of the series in chronological order. “Once a ‘block’ of filming is complete (i.e. principal photography for two episodes), the director of that block begins to assemble the scenes into a director’s edit, choosing the takes that ‘he prefers for every scene,’ Riordan wrote.

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Originally slated for a 2023 release, Riordan admitted in July that Percy JacksonThe scheduled release window of may need to be shifted to a later date. The writer revealed that it took about a month to film an episode, and the first season of the series consisted of eight episodes. The filming, combined with post-production special effects and dialogue captioning in various languages, pushed back the planned release window. “Given all of this, I think the most likely air date will probably be early 2024,” Riordan said.

Scheduled to shoot until January 2023, Percy Jackson and the Olympians‘ the schedule leaves four months to shoot the remaining six chapters of The Lightning Thief. While six chapters might not seem like a lot of content, there are still plenty of action-packed events that still haven’t happened, including Percy’s trip to the Underworld and Hades accusing him of stealing the Master Bolt to aid Poseidon.

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Originally announced on Disney Investor Day in December 2020, several cast members have joined Percy Jackson and the Olympians since its creation. The features of the Disney+ series The Adam Project star Walker Scobell as the title character, with Leah Jeffries as a mixed-race woman named Annabeth and Aryan Simhadri playing Grover the Satyr. After Jeffries was cast, some fans disapproved of her as Annabeth due to her skin color. Riordan previously stood up for the young actor in the face of a racist backlash. “If you have a problem with this casting, talk to me,” he wrote. “You have no one else to blame. Whatever you take away from this message, we should be able to agree that bullying and harassing a child online is inexcusably wrong.”

Rick Riordan never approved of The Lightning Thief movie

Riordan also recently shared his excitement for the upcoming Disney+ series, given his previous reviews of the 2010 film adaptation of The Lightning Thief. “For me, it’s my life’s work going through a meat grinder when I begged them not to. So yeah. But it’s okay. It’s okay. We’ll fix it soon,” spoke from Riordan about the aforementioned film. Although it has yet to be ordered for several seasons, Riordan said he is confident the series will be a big hit. “At the moment we only have the green light for one season, but if you all watch and like it, I’m optimistic we’ll get approval to do more,” he said. .

Percy Jackson and the Olympians is set to premiere on Disney+ in 2024.


Robert M. Larson