Only one succeeds: GMC Hummer EV against Ford Lightning against Ike Gauntlet: the world’s toughest towing test!

It took a lot of work to film this GMC Hummer EV vs Ford Lightning video; and we are fully aware that long distance towing is not easy for an EV. So we added an Ike Gauntlet to the mix!

On paper, the GMC Hummer EV versus the Ford-150 Lightning isn’t exactly apples to apples. The GMC Hummer EV is more of an off-road toy that shows off its status, and the Ford Lightning is more of a real work truck. Both have massive batteries, four-wheel drive and all-terrain tires. GMC’s electric truck is ridiculously heavy, weighing well over 9,000 pounds, but it has just about every feature you want for off-roading. The Ford is considerably lighter, but lacks the off-road characteristics and prowess of the Hummer.

We were lucky to get two identical trailers for this towing comparison. They’re both Game Changer Pro Series Trailers by ATC, which are toy carriers. Empty, they weigh 6,100 pounds. We must send a big thank you to our friends from Full trailers for also lending us these luxury motorhomes.

I should add one last thing: not only are these trailers tall (so you’ve added wind resistance), they also have twin axles, which means four tires on the road. This is great for dealing with heavy loads, but the added axle and tires add to the drag.

All of these things make climbing a steep hill a pain in an electric pickup truck.

The Hummer is rated at 7,500 pounds and its payload is rated at around 1,300 pounds. On the other hand, the Ford Lightning has a towing capacity of 10,000 pounds and a payload capacity of over 1,600 pounds. Again, it has to do with the Hummer’s incredible weight and beefy off-road components.

Both trucks are expected to gobble up the majority of their power when heading one way. What we were hoping to find was that they would regain some energy going down to Golden, Colorado. Unfortunately, one of the trucks fell a bit too low for comfort.

See how was the whole trip below:

Robert M. Larson