Omolara’ Olaosebikan Event Planning Series

Interestingly, many parties and events mostly take place in Nigeria every weekend and behind the refreshing glamor are people who work diligently to make sure things run smoothly. One of these unique people is this modest and elegant lady, Omolaraeni Olaosebikan, CEO of Signature Perfect Clicks a leading event organizer with a rich clientele that spans all walks of life.

Specifically, its clientele is mostly comprised of the cream of society, high-ranking politicians, blue-chip royalty corporations, multinational corporations, and various businesses across Nigeria. Impressive, her clients are drawn to her attention to detail as well as the class and elegance she brings to all of her events.

Omolaraeni has honed her much-loved skills for transforming spaces into wonderlands; meet the taste of its customers. Her diligence and passion set her apart in the competitive event planning and management market. She attributed her stamina to her esteemed passion for work.

Perfect Clicks Signature, the event coverage arm of its wide range of business and expertise, is one of the largest event planning companies in Nigeria, giving events the desired touch of music, colors, discussions, security, decorations, etc. keeping in mind that event planning encompasses all aspects of a ceremony, from its initial design and idea generation phase to the smallest details of the event itself without a hitch.

Olaosebikan’s entrepreneurial tentacles are spread across six categories, including McEnies Global Communications, which involves public relations, corporate communications, sales promotions, media management, advertising and media consultants.

Second in line is McEnies Global Events, which includes event planning and management, destination events, venue scouting and negotiation, event consulting, event production, security and event pick-up. ‘company. Third, McEnies Events and Protocols, which are hospitality services, bouncer services, set design and decorations, and event coordination.

The fourth category is a management consulting firm McEnies which is solely concerned with HR and management consulting. The fifth category is the Perfect Clicks signature, which involves event coverage, for example, photography, videography, drone flying, live streaming, etc., others in this category are post-productions. event which include royal frames, synthetic photo books, acrylic frames, etc.

And finally, the Ruby Models Company, which involves a children’s modeling agency, managing children’s voice-over artists, talent hunting and management, and more. She has a lot in her portfolio to the satisfaction of her clients.

This Ekiti-born entrepreneur, for her part, has made the management and delivery of events without a hitch her concern with professionalism and courtesy, and constantly makes the satisfaction of her customers her priority. Her propensity for event planning and the various activities she finds herself in stems from her determination to positively impact humanity in a very unique way.

Olaosebikan during his monthly media chat with selected media executives at a hotel in Victoria Island, Lagos on Thursday, September 1, 2022 said:

“We thank Almighty God for our growing profile, and I assure our clients that we will never disappoint them as we progress in our symbiotic relationships. Our recordings are here in the public domain, at Perfect Clicks Signature, our resolution honest is to do our best to explore all acceptable mediums, our target audience being both old and young. Not to be outdone is the local newspaper, broadcast media, online media including social media” , she said.
On his penchant for success, Omolaraeni thinks that attributes are necessary to drive a successful event and they are mainly two; Communication and teamwork.

“From my experience over the years, I can say with certainty that communication is the key to listening, understanding and communicating with customers. People have different tastes. So you have to hold this conversation so I can know what they want. When I work with my team members and different vendors, communication is key. It’s also really important to have customers who listen and trust your judgement,” a- she declared.

Explaining her points on teamwork, she said: “For me, I always believe that the input of a photographer is necessary, the videographer, the decorator, the caterer, the bouncers, the baker, the MC, the DJ or the live band as the case may be. and much more to execute a brief. With attention to the smallest details from all sides, this will for sure make the customer go home satisfied,” she said.

While reacting to how some difficult clients are treated, the CEO of Perfect Clicks Signature said she had been privileged to have worked with a variety of clients, adding that her prior training and courteous nature often gave her an advantage. to overcome pressures and challenges as they arose.

“Without sounding immodest, I believe that no matter how difficult someone is, there is always a deciding factor for that person and once you find it and a compromise is found, the problem is solved. , it becomes a win-win situation for all parties involved.

“If you really know your onions, all you have to do is project yourself well, do your best in every job you get, even if the amount you receive has to be used accordingly,” he said. she advised.

“The fact that you got the job back and you’re committed to doing the job, you have to go out of your way to provide good service. Ultimately, it’s the prospects people will see, not how much you got paid. People need to understand that you are so privileged to sell yourself in a circle of nearly 2,000 people. You must therefore give the best of yourself and ensure that the event is well delivered. If the event is handled properly, you’ll probably be able to knock off a potential client or two with your Perfect Delivery, and as our name suggests, Perfect Clicks Signature.

“I must also point out that once you get a brief, you have to go all out and deliver well, because you have a reputation to protect. Some clients are not patient enough to see the result of the service you are aiming for. to provide. They always want to interrupt the process. I always tell people that you can’t enjoy the process until you see the end result. What they initially consider impossible later becomes something to cherish at the end,” she pointed out.

Robert M. Larson