New Sonic Frontiers trailer highlights combat, upgrades and skill tree

SEGA’s recently released trailer for the upcoming Sonic Frontiers showcases the game’s combat, its improvements, and a new skill tree.

A new trailer for the next sound borders focuses on the game’s combat, upgrades, and a new skill tree. The new open world Sonic The title will be released later in November after first being announced in 2021, and sees the Blue Blur transported to a new and unfamiliar land.

SEGA has revealed a steady stream of trailers and gameplay for Sonic’s next adventure, but there have been leaks. sound bordersThe combat and cyberspace were revealed in leaked footage from EGX London, with some participants secretly recording the game’s intro cutscenes and gameplay showing Super Sonic battling one of the massive bosses. The leaked footage and images also contained cyberspace-based invisible levels. SEGA was quick to remove the leaked footage, but not before fans could get a better idea of ​​several game mechanics.


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The latest trailer for sound borders revealed more details about the game’s combat, upgrades, and skill tree. By collecting and using skill coins, Sonic will be able to unlock new skills from the skill tree, consequently using those new abilities to defeat progressively more difficult sound borders bosses that may require Super Sonic to defeat. The trailer shows how Sonic can collect these skills from defeated enemies and breakable items in Starfall Islands. Additionally, gameplay in the trailer shows Sonic collecting what are known as Red Seeds of Power and Blue Seeds of Defense. These seeds increase Sonic’s stats. Before players level up and learn new skills, they will start the game with a moveset that includes a Homing, Drop Dash, and Stomp attack. When players face enemies, they can perform combos to gain an advantage in a fight. Hitting enemies repeatedly fills the combo meter, which when maxed out will activate Phantom Rush – a skill that temporarily boosts Sonic’s attack power. The trailer also mentions a new long-range move called Sonic Boom, a dodge-like move called Wild Rush, and a barrier-breaking move called Cyloop.

Sonic Frontiers improves Sonic’s movements and combat

The first one sound borders The gameplay trailer drew criticism from some corners online for its environment and combat. The new trailer challenges this, especially criticism of Sonic’s moves and the game’s combat. This trailer shows fans not only basic Sonic moves (which include the return of the fan-favorite Drop Dash) , but also a new game mechanic: the skill tree. Unlocking new moves in the skill tree will allow players to approach combat in varied and creative ways.

Although it remains to be seen whether sound borders will be a return to form for the main line Sonic games, this latest trailer seems to show that it will break new ground in some key areas. The changes to combat are particularly significant, with older 3D entries in the series facing criticism due to repetitive gameplay. At the very least it looks like sound bordersThe open-world adventure will be a departure from recent entries, which could bode well for its prospects at launch.

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