New Lincoln Project ad highlights Donald Trump’s isolation

The political advisers of Lincoln Project broke with the Republican Party donald trumpbut that doesn’t mean they don’t message the former president anymore.

The latest spot launches Tuesday, a targeted ad buy designed to be seen in Bedminster, New Jersey, where Trump spends his summers, as well as Palm Beach, where his Mar-a-Lago winter resort is located. The Lincoln Project has become accustomed to such targeted ad buying.

The new 60-second commercial (“Outsider”) dramatizes the familiar antipathy between Trump and the group he calls “The Loser Project.” But the narrative also argues that despite the mutual antagonism between the former president and former Republicans, Trump can at least rely on the Lincoln Project to tell him the truth.

“You hate us,” says a narrator. “And we’re not your biggest fans either… but in a funny way, we’re the only people you can trust.”

The narrative then recaps a series of Lincoln projects owned by the former president in recent years, painting a portrait of a confused president being overwhelmed by rivals at every turn.

“We told you you would lose, and you did… Mike Pence would stab you in the back on January 6th, and he did… how Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy were using your name for money and power,” the narration sums up, before saving a Florida Man for last.

“And we told you Ron DeSantis was coming for you,” the narrator teased. “And now he thinks he’s bigger than you.”

Having established the theme of transactionality, the narrator suggests that betrayal inevitably follows.

“They are turning against you. All,” the voiceover continued, maintaining a mocking tone until the end. “We would tell you that we are sad for you, but we always tell you the truth.”

See the new Lincoln Project spot below.

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Robert M. Larson