Milwaukee’s ‘Power of Youth Voices’ sheds light on teen concerns

What solutions could make a difference for young people in Milwaukee? Who better to answer this question than teenagers themselves? The Next Generation had a voice on Sunday afternoon, November 13.

“I haven’t really talked about it because I feel like no one would listen to me,” one participant said.

On Sunday, a number of organizations came together to give a voice to the younger generation.

“It’s about a girl named Samantha, and she takes you on a journey with her,” Mi’Amor Johnson said.

Johnson, 13, wanted to share her book’s message about a 10-day journey to overcome her fears.

“Don’t be afraid to try new things or do anything, really,” Johnson said.

All of the teens at the event were asked what was most important to them and what changes they would like to see in Milwaukee.

“We’re trying to make plans and impose solutions on them, but we really don’t know what they’re thinking,” said Rhonda Stovall, president of the NAACP Youth Works state conference.

The idea is that whether you’re an entrepreneur or an author, you can find your way to success.

“A lot of people my age really don’t have the guts to write a book, but I did it,” Johnson said.

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The hope is that teens will use the connections made at this event to help drive change forward.

Robert M. Larson