Marco Pavé sheds light on his past in a new “Lifted” visual

Pusha T’s reunion with his brother Malice to star as The Clipse at this year’s BET Hip Hop Awards was legendary. Today, DMV rapper Marco Pavé pays tribute to their comeback with the release of his new music video for the artist’s buzzing new track “Lifted.” In the music video directed by Jessi Ujazi, Pavé pays tribute with influential raps like “We don’t have a palace, but we fought like pistons, I had no badness, but I push the limit.”

The concept of “Lifted” is inspired by the past of the artist. “I originally created #Lifted as a reflection on my life,” Pave said. “At 19 or 20 I had my forklift license because it was the best job you could get in the warehouse I worked in, and I was still broke and depressed because it wasn’t. was not what I wanted for me. It’s a song of remembrance, of hard times but also a song of affection to keep rising from wherever you started.

Pave burst onto the scene in 2017 with his breakout debut, Welcome to Grc Lnd. He is currently the first Hip-Hop Artist in Residence at Georgetown University. Pavé’s latest release follows his recent collaboration with Carlos Simon, Requiem for slavesand sets up more new music from the upcoming rising star.

“Lifted” is produced by Manté Carlo. Pavé’s new single is available on all platforms via Radio Rahim Records. To learn more about Marco Pavé, follow him on social media.

Check out “Lifted” below.

Robert M. Larson