Lightning eMotors Announces Collaboration with HEVO Inc. to Wirelessly Charge EV Fleets

LOVELAND, Col.Lightning eMotors, Inc.a leading provider of zero-emission medium-duty commercial vehicles and electric vehicle (EV) technology for fleets, and HEVO Inc.a leading provider of wireless charging technology for electric vehicles, is pleased to announce a wireless charging demonstration program from Lightning eMotors’ fleet vehicles.

After an initial phase of integration, the two companies will test HEVO’s award-winning Rezonant E8 wireless charging technology on a ZEV3 platform at Lightning eMotors’ Loveland, CO Headquarter. The demonstration vehicle will then be presented to Lightning and HEVO fleet customers throughout North America.

Recently named PACEpilot Innovation to Watch by Automotive News, the 8 kW Rezonant E8 is an economical solution for overnight charging needs common to commercial fleets. The technology has a very limited weight penalty compared to other wireless charging solutions, thereby conserving GVWR for additional passengers and cargo, and meets UL and SAE safety, performance and interoperability standards for wireless charging. The HEVO roadmap includes expanded power delivery options of 11kW, 25kW, 50kW and 100-300kW to serve fleets with a variety of downtime and power needs.

Founder and CEO of HEVO, Jeremy McCoolsaid: “We are impressed with Lightning eMotors’ high quality products and a focus on innovation. Our collaboration will bring significant benefits to fleet operators looking for a more convenient and seamless charging experience. Busy drivers can forget to plug in, potentially creating the need to recharge attendants. Cords can create a variety of operational challenges, including OSHA and union safety issues associated with wired devices. We believe this collaboration will set the industry standard for electric vehicle fleet charging and provide a complete solution for customers looking for a wireless charging experience.

Lightning eMotors’ Co-founder and CEO, Tim Reer, added: “We are excited to be first to market with mid-duty production vehicles equipped with wireless charging. Lightning has deployed hundreds of commercial electric vehicles with fleets everywhere North America and we understand that any opportunity to profitably simplify EV operations for our customers is a win for everyone. We are committed to continued innovation in fleet electrification and are excited to partner with HEVO on wireless charging solutions to streamline zero-emission vehicle projects and accelerate the adoption of commercial electric vehicles.

The demonstration vehicle is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2023.

About Lightning electric motors

Lightning electric motors providing specialist and sustainable fleet solutions since 2009, deploying complete Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) solutions for commercial fleets since 2018, including Class 3 Vans and Ambulances, Class 4 and 5 Vans and class 4 shuttles Type A school buses, class 6 work trucks, class 7 city buses and coaches. The Lightning electric motors The team designs, engineers, customizes and manufactures zero-emission vehicles to meet the wide range of fleet customer needs with a comprehensive suite of control software, telematics, analytics and charging solutions to simplify the buying and ownership experience and maximizing availability and energy efficiency. . To learn more, visit Lightning eMotors’ website at

About HEVO

Recently named PACEpilot Innovation to Watch by Automotive News, HEVO Inc. is a brooklynbased on dramatically improving the electric vehicle charging experience for all stakeholders. Our mission is to eliminate the use of fossil fuels in the transportation system and modernize the network through wireless charging and software. To learn more, visit the HEVO website at

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