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BOSTON, Nov. 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OROan all-in-one platform for planning and managing events, today announced the general availability of its event planning software for event planning professionals in the wedding, corporate and nonprofit organizations across the United States. ORO is the first-ever event planning tool to help event planners do everything from managing contracts and budgets to creating up-to-the-minute timelines, all in one easy-to-use dashboard. use accessible through a browser or mobile application.

ORO’s goal is simple: to help planners do more and make the most of the time leading up to an event. The need for this technology is more evident than ever as event planners scramble to reschedule events in accordance with venue and vendor guidelines in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. ORO consolidates all spreadsheets, workbooks and contracts into its purpose-built platform, optimized for speed and productivity. Event planners will now have all the details they need at their fingertips, which they can view and update in real time.

When using ORO, event planners can create individual dashboards for each event they coordinate. The ORO Dashboard provides a suite of features to streamline the planning process, including the ability to:

  • Manage supplier contracts and invoices to effectively coordinate communication between clients and event suppliers.
  • Create custom schedules and checklists for everyone involved to keep everyone on track. When creating a schedule, planners can use the tagging feature to assign items to the specific customer or vendor and add locations. ORO provides checklist templates based on event type and the ability to create a custom checklist.
  • Monitor event costs and inventory with ORO’s comprehensive budgeting tool and create payment schedules for customers, both of which provide the ability to notify customers and vendors of important updates.
  • Quickly create custom floor plans at scale using ORO’s drag-and-drop capability onto a sitemap or dark canvas, which can then be used for multiple events and shared with clients and vendors.
  • Manage attendeestheir meal preferences, special requests and more with the ORO guest list feature.

Additionally, ORO also offers a customer-facing app, available for iOS and Android, to allow customers and vendors to view relevant event details on the go. Event planners can control exactly what the customer can see and send notifications when important deadlines are approaching.

“Events is a very meticulous and demanding profession. We are constantly planning and rescheduling the same event until the last minute. The pandemic has only pushed additional hurdles on event planners as they navigate restrictions, reschedulings and additions of smaller-scale gatherings ahead of postponed events,” said Katherine Frost, Professional event planner and founder of ORO. “Until now, there was no technology available to planners to help track all contracts, budgets, checklists, floor plans and timelines in one place. Our vision is to create the most efficient planning platform for planners that reduces workload and improves planner productivity. »

The ORO platform is available online at and the ORO app can be downloaded on both iOS and android devices. To learn more, sign up or receive a demo, please visit or write to us at [email protected].

About the BRO
ORO was founded by Katherine Frost, owner of Denver-based events company A Frosted Affair. After more than 10 years in the event industry, it became apparent that the technology available to event professionals was lacking. In early 2019, Katherine assembled a team to help streamline the planning process and create a true all-in-one platform for planning and managing events. The product is ORO. Through the platform, event planners can seamlessly organize and manage event communications, logistics and budgets while keeping their clients informed in real time. Discover the gold standard in event planning.

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