Kirk Herbstreit sheds light on Alabama wide receivers after Crimson Tide loss to LSU

Alabama likely fell out of the college football playoffs with last week’s overtime loss to LSU. And while the Tide has plenty of talent, the wide receiver fell into the spotlight during Saturday’s edition of College GameDay. As Alabama chased a rebound today against Ole Miss, Kirk Herbstreit broke it.

“I would say what they’ve had is an embarrassment of riches on the perimeter and they’re not doing that right now,” Herbstreit said. “Jahmyr Gibbs is their guy. When you pull out the movie and you’re LSU or you’re Ole Miss, “Okay, let’s see what they got,” you see #1 – flashing all over the place. You see 80 once in a while, ‘OK, we need to keep an eye on him’, tight end, pretty good player. But you don’t see Henry Ruggs. You do not see jerry jedy. You don’t see all this – I have so many names in my head that you can’t even remember. You have Jaylen Waddle. You have so many playmakers that are unique and you don’t have any, so it’s very difficult for Bill O’Brien. Yes, we know Bryce Young can do things. They can rule football. They still have great linemen. But you don’t have to fear the threat of those vertical shots anymore like you used to, so I think that makes it a bit easier to defend them.”

Coach Ole Miss Lane Kiffinon the other side, was quick to support Alabama ahead of today’s game, not least because of his past with head coach Nick Saban.

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“I understand it’s your guys’ job, it’s the media’s job, it’s Paul’s (Finebaum) job especially to get attention and create a storyline all the time, and once ‘he said what he did, it got a lot of attention,’ Kiffin said. through BamaOnline. “But that’s ridiculous. When you really dive into practice and not just the outcome of a game and go, OK, Tennessee, I mean, the loudest place, the whole thing and then if the Alabama kicks out, Tennessee can’t win the game and Alabama wins the game. And then you go down to a 2-point game that’s 50 percent both ways, okay, so the guy is literally one foot away from being stopped. If he’s stopped short or the guy misses a pitch, a play and then they’re undefeated and they’re No. 1 or No. 2 in the country. “

Robert M. Larson