JB Smoove Presents ‘Funny My Way’ Series, Highlighting Black Comedian Icons

JB Smoove narrates Audible’s six-part original, funny in my own way. The documentary series pays tribute to six of the most legendary black comedians who have broken down barriers within the entertainment industry while managing daily struggles, fighting for equality and unabashedly “defining themselves beyond limits “, we read in the official press release.

Using interviews, commentary and archival excerpts from TV shows, comedy albums and talk shows, Smoove delves into the careers and lives of comedy legends Dick Gregory, Redd Foxx, Moms Mabley, Flip Wilson, Rudy Ray Moore and Paul Moony.

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The first episode explores Mooney’s life and how the comedian turned his darkest moments of pain into prose. Smoove reminds fans that there would be no Madea without Wilson’s Geraldine in episode two. Wilson also talks about the difficulties he encountered trying to turn the dispiriting realities discussed by Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. into comedy, including his flip on the n (hard -er) word. For episode three, a commentator explains how Mabley was able to “get away with” saying so much due to his “non-threatening personality”.

Although funny in my own way premiering Thursday, August 4, subscribers can sign up for a 30-day free trial ahead of the paid $7.95/month option. Listen to the first two episodes of funny in my own way centered around Paul Mooney and Flip Wilson at Audible.com/FunnyMyWay.

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Robert M. Larson