Ford CEO shares official F-150 Lightning 0-60 mph in under 4 seconds

During the last Ford fashionable (at least when it comes to electric vehicles), the American automaker has once again under-promised and exceeded expectations. Its latest cheeky announcement came in the form of a tweet from Ford CEO Jim Farley, who just admitted that the F-150 Lightning with an extended-range battery can go 0-60 mph in less than four seconds. A huge improvement over previously shared acceleration times and a hint that Ford may have originally been conservative about its pickup’s performance.

Ford Motor Company continues to strengthen its electric vehicle production infrastructure to try to meet the huge demand for the F-150 Lightning pickup, who remains exhausted for the next two years.

Following its initial announcement, Ford has enlightened the public with the performance specs and available features to expect when the F-150 Lightning inevitably arrives. What’s unique about Ford’s announcements compared to other automakers is that instead of backtracking on certain performance provisions, Ford went out multiple times and exceeded what was originally promised. .

For example, before the F-150 Lightning reached customers last May, Ford was promising an estimated range of 300 miles with the extended battery. However, when its official EPA line arrived, it was 20 miles better – good news for reservation holders.

Just before deliveries began, Ford came out with more good news for its customers, revealing that the F-150 Lightning would arrive with more power and higher payload capacity than originally promised. Additionally, new cloud software could more accurately estimate the truck’s range during towing in real time. Unlike the news above, these higher specs applied to both battery options.

Now, as the F-150 Lightning continues to achieve customers in all fifty statesFord has shared an additional update that applies to range-extended versions of the trucks, delivering better acceleration than originally promised.

Ford F-150 Lightning acceleration increased to less than 4 seconds

Ford CEO Jim Farley announced the revised acceleration time via the tweet seen above, with a short clip of an F-150 Lightning zooming in. According to the CEO, the Lightning’s 0-60 acceleration time is now under four seconds, which is for Ford pickup trucks equipped with the extended-range battery.

Previously, Ford has touted its first all-electric pickup accelerating to around 4.5 seconds from 0-60 mph. A spokesperson for the automaker said Electrek that those previous specs were just the targeted numbers.

Today’s announcement from Farley marks the official acceleration of the F-150 Lightning, which is over 0.5 seconds faster. Again, more welcome news for those thousands and thousands of consumers waiting for their own pickup.

You could say that Ford was already aware of this better-shared acceleration than before and sandbagged it before offering a boastful reveal like Farley’s Tweet today. Whether strategic or not, this is good news.

While it once again shows that Ford’s F-150 Lightning pickup continues to exceed expectations in its debut, positive updates like these help the automaker stay in the minds of consumers. while giving the vast list of reservation holders a small bite of good news as they wait for their deliveries – a savvy move from an incumbent automaker.

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Robert M. Larson