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NEW YORK, NY/ACCESSWIRE/September 1, 2022/ Organizing an event is a difficult task. There are many things organizers need to consider to ensure attendees have the best possible experience: location, target, space capacity, food, drinks, staff, etc. If we are talking about an entertaining event, then there are other extra things to consider: what type of entertainment is the target looking for, music, DJ, special shows, lighting and others.

Miami Vice, Thursday, September 1, 2022, Image from press release

miami vice is a major events and entertainment company in Miami led by Rasiel Reyes and his partner Ángel Sánchez. This company is divided into 3 main branches: Miami Vice Marketing Group, Miami Vice Backstage and Miami Vice Auto Sales.

It started as an event planning company and thanks to its success it was able to expand into other sectors as well. Miami Vice has worked with highly recognized artists like Bad Bunny, Karol G, Annual, Daddy Yankee, Wisin y Yandel, Farruko and many more.

Miami Vice behind the scenes is a special segment in their Youtube channel where they show everything that happens behind the scenes. The great organization that their incredible events require. The idea originated as a way to allow people outside of Miami who can’t attend their events to connect with what they’re doing. It was a huge hit, reaching 100,000 subscribers, winning the top Youtube plaque award.

How did they achieve these levels of success? “The alliances I made throughout my career motivated me to open my own business. Understand that I was good at what I do and partnering with Ángel was key to our success. More later, we have added different qualified people to our team for each area that we are developing”, comments Rasiel. This duo works to never forget a detail and ensure that the event meets everyone’s expectations.

However, not everything went as planned. During 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic, all of their businesses had to shut down, right after Rasiel invested a large portion of his savings. It was very difficult and he didn’t know what to do or how to react to this situation. With a lot of effort, they devised and executed various strategies to overcome the crisis and ended up being one of the best stages of growth and prosperity.

Today, Miami Vice is one of the biggest event companies in all of Miami with the hottest performers around. Moreover, their Youtube channel continues to grow due to its engaging content. People are interested in getting behind the scenes of all of their events, exclusive interviews with their allied artists, and never-before-seen shots.

For his next projects, Rasiel is developing a new chain of restaurants for 2023 alongside his partner. Stay tuned his webpage for more details and information. Miami Vice will continue to set itself apart from its competitors by innovating, introducing new ideas and experiences to its customers, so that they can have an incredible and unforgettable experience.


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