Enevate and Lightning Motorcycles are teaming up to bring to market a revolutionary battery for an electric motorcycle that charges almost as fast as filling a gas tank

  • The high-performance motorcycle charges in less than 10 minutes for an extra 135 miles

  • Motorcycle battery charged at 400 amps, near 5C charge rate, almost 5 times conventional EV batteries

  • Demonstration completed using existing public charging infrastructure

  • Target motorcycle production for early 2023

IRVINE, CA, October 31, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Enevate Corp, a pioneering battery innovation company providing extremely fast-charging, high-energy-density battery technologies for electric vehicles (EVs) and other markets, announced that it had partnered with Lightning Motorcycles to equip Lightning’s Strike Carbon EV-sized motorcycle with Enevate’s advanced extremely fast-charging lithium-ion cells.

As part of product validation, Lightning integrated a 24 kWh battery with Enevate technology into the Strike Carbon electric motorcycle. 400 amps were delivered at a charge rate close to 5C. These lightning-fast specs translate to a charge time of less than 10 minutes for an extra 135 miles. Charging time for similarly produced electric motorcycles is typically one to four hours. The pack was assembled using Enevate 47Ah pocket cells which began sampling in the second quarter of 2022.

The Strike Carbon prototype equipped with Enevate battery technology has successfully demonstrated the combined capabilities of the two companies, now with over 1,000 miles on the road while “refueling” at public 350kW charging stations. Importantly, the Lightning team led the development of the system and were able to integrate Enevate’s battery cells into the Strike Carbon platform to create the prototype. Lightning’s engineering team has been working in partnership with Enevate scientists and engineers for the past year and has conducted extensive road testing.

“I would like to thank our partner Lightning for their expertise and agility in developing state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions that have enabled us to deliver this high-end super-fast charging motorcycle,” said Enevate CEO, Robert A. Rango. . “For the consumer, this means that riders of electric motorcycles with Enevate technology can now ride all day alongside conventional motorcycles without having to wait hours at the charger.”

“This is an exceptional partnership with Enevate as together we push the boundaries of electric motorcycle innovation by achieving the fastest motorcycle charging rate achieved from a public charger,” said Lightning Motorcycles Corp. CEO and Founder Richard Hatfield. “For me and everyone at Lightning, building our products and our business not only gives us the opportunity to be part of something bigger and better, but also allows us to contribute to progress in the world. relentless effort to save our planet.”

Enevate technology

Enevate’s XFC-Energy Technology® for electric vehicles offers five-minute fast charging with high energy density and long range, with the added capability of low-temperature operation in cold climates, a low cost and safety benefits. This short charging time is superior to any other Li-ion technology available today to meet automotive EV requirements for energy density, range, safety and cost.

The company’s innovative multi-layered design allows more energy to be stored safely in a single cell. The company’s XFC-Energy silicon-dominant anode requires a fraction of the space of a graphite anode used in a conventional cell. In fact, Enevate’s large-format EV-sized cells achieve energy density in excess of 850 Wh/L and 340 Wh/kg without compromising on safety or other performance metrics. This technology optimizes the performance of the silicon-dominant anode through a combination of electrolyte formulation, cell design and cell formation that will allow Renault to offer much faster charging and longer range for its future vehicles.

In addition to the performance benefits of electric vehicles, Enevate’s silicon battery technology offers up to 26% reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions for manufacturing EV batteries with Enevate’s XFC-Energy technology compared to today’s conventional lithium-ion EV batteries (21% for NCA cells and 26% for NMC cells [kg CO2 eq. cradle-to-gate, per 1 KWh cell capacity]).

ABOUT ENEVATE (enevate.com)

Enevate develops and licenses advanced battery technology for electric vehicles (EVs), with a vision of EVs recharging as quickly as refueling gasoline cars, accessible and affordable for everyone, and accelerating mass adoption of EVs . Boasting a portfolio of over 500 issued and pending patents, Enevate’s pioneering advancements (including the exploitation of accelerated battery testing and machine learning) in silicon-dominant anodes and cells have resulted in a battery technology that offers an extremely fast five-minute charge with high energy density. , low temperature operation for cold climates, low cost and safety advantages over conventional batteries.

Enevate’s vision is to develop and spread EV battery technology that contributes to a clean and sustainable environment. Investors in the Irvine, Calif.-based company include Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi (Alliance Ventures), LG Chem, Samsung Venture Investment Corp, Fidelity Management & Research Company, Mission Ventures, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Tsing Capital, Infinite Potential Technologies , Presidio Ventures – a company of Sumitomo Corporation, Lenovo, CEC Capital and Bangchak. Enevate®, the Enevate logo, HD-Energy®, XFC-Energy® and eBoost® are registered trademarks of Enevate Corporation.

ABOUT LIGHTNING MOTORCYCLES (www.lightningmotorcycle.com)

Lightning Motorcycles produces premium, high-performance electric motorcycles. Lightning products are proven to compete against the world’s best gas-powered motorcycles and have incorporated this innovation and experience to deliver a combination of performance, price and rider experience that positions Lightning to drive widespread adoption of electric motorcycles. Lightning currently produces two platforms at the company’s facilities in Hollister, Calif., and is preparing to expand production and expand its product line to several additional platforms to address the global market. For more information, please visit www.lightningmotorcycle.com.

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