Dirt & Glory spotlights the Antarctic explorer in an uplifting campaign for Compeed

Editorial PR agency Dirt & Glory Media has teamed up with Compeed to spotlight Polar Expedition Leader Wendy Searle in the new “Embrace Life” campaign. With a unique editorial approach and methodology, Dirt & Glory created the global campaign for Compeed to showcase the value of specialist blister plasters in everyday scenarios and also at the extreme end of the spectrum.

Resonating with other ‘life kissers’, the authentic five-minute film reveals Wendy’s emotional and inspiring story as she prepares to travel to Antarctica in December 2022 with the aim of reaching the pole South, without support or assistance, in record time for a woman.

An inspirational speaker on adventure and mental resilience, Wendy embodies Compeed’s Embrace Life mentality. Throughout her endeavors, Wendy has spoken at schools, businesses and charities, aiming to inspire others – especially women and girls – to achieve long-term goals and launch bold challenges. With her latest goal of completing the journey to Antarctica in 840 hours – three days faster than any woman has done before, the campaign highlights Wendy’s determination to prove that anyone can achieve extraordinary things.

At a time when brand endorsements of pro-athletes, polished influencers and celebrities bombard ad space, the campaign shines a spotlight on Wendy’s humble lifestyle as a mother of four and former public servant before become a record-breaking polar explorer and inspirational speaker. Passionate about putting real people at the center of brand campaigns, Dirt & Glory was keen to share the highs and lows of Wendy’s inspirational story and highlight her tireless dedication to a grueling workout regimen.

As a result, the integration of Compeed products into the film is seamless. A fan and loyal user of ‘blister dressings’, Wendy’s reliance on the brand is evident as she details the many ways Compeed plays an important role in her training and experience using them in Antarctica during his last great expedition.

The campaign consists of a five-minute video, accompanied by short edits (Instagram/Facebook/Twitter) and a series of written interviews on Compeed’s website, in which Wendy will offer insight into how to deal with the toughest situations, how to build mental resilience, and offers life lessons from the edge of existence. The campaign will launch on July 29, 2022.

Andrew Allen, Creative Director at Dirt & Glory Media, comments: “As blisters can happen to anyone at any time, the challenge for Dirt & Glory was to find someone whose ‘blistering story’ was convincing; they had to be someone who “embraces life” but, at the same time, they had to be related.

We felt Wendy Searle ticked all the boxes. He’s an ordinary person doing something extraordinary. While skiing to the South Pole won’t appeal to everyone, its story goes far beyond that. it’s about pushing your limits, saying “yes” to new things, and proving you can do it with a little skill…and a helping hand from Compeed. »

Wendy Searle adds, “Dirt & Glory took time and effort to get to know me, my experiences, and how those experiences worked with Compeed’s goals. Nothing was too much trouble. They have a really great and professional team, which was fun to work with, while being very organized. They also matched me very well with the brand – Compeed is something I actually use, so everything felt authentic. We did a day of filming for the campaign video and photos. It was smooth – they had put a lot of work into the planning, the brief and the requirements for the day. Usually I can’t stand seeing myself on screen, but the movie was so good.

Andrew Wormald, senior brand manager at Compeed, added: “We are delighted to launch our #EmbraceLife campaign with Wendy Searle and support her groundbreaking record attempt in Antarctica. Dirt & Glory told an incredible story and showed how their editorial approach can come to life across multiple brand touchpoints. We are excited for the months to come and wish Wendy much success in her training.

Robert M. Larson