9mobile Media College sheds light on how to fight fake news – TechEconomy Nigeria

Nigerian telecommunications service provider, 9mobile, recently held another virtual capacity building session for journalists, aimed at strengthening them and equipping them with relevant skills to improve their work process and make them more effective in their assignments. . In attendance were journalists from print and online news platforms.

This sixth edition of the capacity building session focused on two distinct themes: “Storytelling: Embracing features in new medias, moderated by Digital Strategist and Founder, Hybrid Tech, Adeoye-Wilson Kupolati, and Fake News: Uncovering the truth moderated by News Editor/Political Analyst, Kayode Ladeinde and the two communicated a lot to the attendees.

9mobile’s Executive Director of Regulatory and Corporate Affairs, Abdulrahman Ado, represented by Chineze Amanfo, PR Manager, 9mobile, while emphasizing the importance of the themes, said, “Fake news has become commonplace in this time, which makes them more crucial to ask the question, how to uncover fake news and separate truth from falsehood?We are glad that the facilitators of this training have the pedigree and experience to steer us to the right answers.

Amanfo noted that the knowledge imparted to participants during the training would help them work smarter and even create a collaborative space with their colleagues in a transparent and professional manner.

She commended the journalists for their continued participation in the training and said the session had indeed lived up to expectations.

Ladeinde, in his presentation, educated attendees on identifying fake news items and their sources.

He shed light on the negative impact of fake news on society, urging media professionals to be guided by the principles of the profession.

He said, “Breaking news remains an essential ingredient in the journalism industry; Misleading news can cause great damage and ultimately shatter the brand you may have worked hard to build.

Some platforms to check fake news include “About this result”, “Fact check search item” and “Google reverse image search”. The easiest way to identify fake news is to subject the news headline or its keywords to Google Search verification, Ladeinde added.

For his part, Kupolati highlighted the opportunities available on new media platforms due to a concentration of both old and new audiences, with the latter experiencing substantial proliferation.

He said: “There are new ways in which audiences consume news today, and it’s important to think about how audiences are changing with new media and technology. The vast population these days is the new generation consuming new media, and the features of these new platforms have become appealing to the new audience.

The 9mobile Capacity Building Session is a quarterly training session to engage and train media professionals to improve their work.

Robert M. Larson