2025 Ford Ranger Lightning: Can lightning strike twice?

Ford knows trucks – the company has held the top sales charts in the United States with the F-Series pickup truck for forty years, and that dominance shows no sign of diminishing. At the same time, the company’s investments in electric vehicles have seen impressive growth over the past year – Ford now controls more than 10% of the US electric vehicle market. These two categories – trucks and electric vehicles – have come together with the F-150 Lightning, and demand for this electric truck has been out of scale. Logically, Ford’s next big EV product would be a second pickup truck – the Ford Ranger Lightning.

Why Ranger Lightning?

Ford already has an electric pickup with the F-150 Lightning – is there enough interest to build another electric truck? Demand for the F-150 Lightning has been very strong, with 200,000 pre-orders even before the truck hit production – clearly there’s great interest in the electric pickup. The Ranger has been one of Ford’s best sellers since its reintroduction, and the compact pickup market is stronger than ever.

The introduction of the Ranger Lightning will give Ford an electric offering in a growing pickup segment, while putting an electric pickup within the financial reach of more consumers. The Ranger Lightning will be an integral part of Ford’s plans to deliver more than 2 million electric vehicles per year by 2026.

First electric Ranger… or is it?

The next Ranger Lightning could be called Ford’s first electric compact pickup, but that’s not quite true. From 1998 to 2002, Ford built a small number (about 1,500) of Ranger electric vehicles primarily for commercial use, but they were also available to retail customers. The EV looked like the standard Ford Ranger, but under the hood were batteries instead of a motor.

The range was less than 100 miles, which dropped quickly with any kind of load. In some ways, the new Ranger Lightning could be considered the second-generation electric Ford Ranger. However, it will have very little in common with that original offering.

Two flashes? Maybe more?

Ford Ranger Photos

There have been talks that Ford will keep the Lightning name for the F-150, and the electric Ranger will have a different name – some publications have suggested it might be called Ranger Thunder. However, it looks like Ford is sticking with the Lightning name.

Earlier this year, Ford filed a trademark with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) for the names Ranger Lightning and Maverick Lightning. No filings have been reported to the US Patent and Trademark Office (at the time of this writing). However, it’s likely, since the Lightning name is already in use in America, that Ford will stick to that convention for the next Ranger as well as the Maverick.

Built in Tennessee

The new Ranger Lightning will be produced at Ford’s all-new electric vehicle center in Stanton, TN, called BlueOval city. This all-new complex will include electric vehicle assembly, battery manufacturing and battery recycling – batteries will be produced and recycled at two plants that Ford will operate in conjunction with SK Innovation. This facility is designed to run on 100% renewable energy with zero waste to landfill and is expected to create 11,000 new jobs in the region.

During his speech at the start of production of the F-150 Lightning, Jim Farley, President and CEO of Ford, said: “We are already pushing from the ground in Blue Oval City in Tennessee for another different electric pickup truck. of it. This different truck will be the new Ranger Lightning.

New platform

The Ford F-150 Lightning may look like a standard F-150, but under the skin is a custom chassis built on an all-new frame designed to carry batteries within the frame. By the time the 2025 Ranger Lightning hits the market, there will already be a next-gen Ranger on sale (expected to arrive next year).

It remains to be seen whether the new model will be built on a platform that can be used for multiple powertrains, including internal combustion engines, gas-electric hybrid variants and the all-electric Lightning. Given that the Ranger Lightning is expected to be produced at the new Blue Oval City plant dedicated to electric vehicle production, it’s likely that the new truck will run on an all-new vehicle-specific platform. electric vehicles.

Updated styling

Ford hasn’t released any images of the next-generation Ford Ranger for the US market, but the company has introduced a new Ranger for the Australian market, which may give some idea of ​​what we can expect. The updated pickup has a boxy design more in line with the F-Series, with a grille that features a mix of the F-150’s signature LED running lights and design cues from the Maverick.

Not needing airflow to cool an internal combustion engine, the new Ranger Lightning will likely feature a solid grille like the F-150 Lightning. We wouldn’t be surprised to see the same light bar on top of the grille that helps differentiate the F-150 Lightning from standard F-150s. Like the F-150 Lightning, the Ranger Lightning will likely mimic the basic shape and dimensions of the non-electric Ranger.


Shown with available Ford Accessories.  Leisure equipment not included.  See owner's manual for important operating instructions.

Ford F-150 Lightning Frunk filled with camping gearFord Motor Company

There are plenty of innovative new features on the F-150 Lightning, but one of the fan favorites has to be the Mega Power Frunk. Instead of a big V8 engine sitting up front, Ford has created a large 14.1 cubic foot cargo area that’s fully secured with a power-operated lid.

Inside there are mobile organizers and multiple power outlets – perfect for large items that can now be kept away from the elements. Given the popularity of this feature, consumers will expect the Ranger Lightning to have similar functionality for added versatility.

Expected capacity

When Ford introduced the F-150 Lightning, it was important to maintain the level of utility and capability that consumers expect from the gas-powered variant. The F-150 Lightning can tow up to 10,000 pounds or haul up to 2,235 pounds, which isn’t far off what its gas-powered sibling can do. The current gas-powered Ranger can tow up to 7,500 pounds or haul 1,860 pounds – look for the Ranger Lightning to have similar capabilities.

The Ranger Lightning will likely launch with a twin-motor all-wheel-drive system similar to the F-150 Lightning. However, at some point Ford may offer the electrified Ranger with a single rear engine. Given the current electric vehicle landscape, the Ranger Lightning will need to have a range of at least 300 miles to be competitive.

On-board generator

Ford introduced the idea of ​​an on-board generator with the F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid and opted for even more power available with the Lightning. Called Pro Power Onboard, the Lightning can deliver up to 9.6kW of power with multiple 110 and 220 outlets conveniently located in the bed, cab and trunk of the truck. That’s enough to power a job site, campsite, or even power the typical home in the event of a power outage.

Ford Motor Company

Ford even showed how the Lightning can charge another electric vehicle, sort of redefining the idea of ​​a jump start. This innovation is sure to be a staple of any electrified pickup truck offered by Ford, including the upcoming Ranger Lightning.

Other players

Current Ford Ranger competitors include the Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Frontier, GMC Canyon, and Chevrolet Colorado. Toyota and General Motors have announced plans to electrify their entire lineups in the coming years, and Chevrolet has already introduced the full-size Silverado EV which is expected to arrive early next year. While none of these competing compact pickups are available as EVs at this time, we can expect to hear at least rumors of electric versions of the Tacoma, Canyon and Colorado by the time the Ranger arrives. Lightning.

Trim levels and prices

The current Ford Ranger is available in several trim levels ranging from XL to Lariat, with a number of special additional packages like the STX Special Edition or the Tremor Off-Road Package. When the new Ranger Lightning arrives, it will likely match these current trim levels.

Based on Ford’s pricing of the F-150 Lightning, the Ranger Lightning would cost between $7,000 and $10,000 more than a similarly equipped truck. This would give the Ranger Lightning a starting price of around $35,000 to $40,000 which would then be reduced by available federal and state tax credits.

When is he coming here?

Before the Ranger Lightning arrives, Ford will introduce the next-generation gasoline-powered Ranger. It should be a 2023 model, so the truck could be presented before the end of this year. If Ford follows the same schedule as the F-150 Lightning, the Ranger Lightning will be announced in 2024, with trucks arriving by late 2024 or early 2025.

Based on the popularity of the F-150 Lightning and Ford’s impressive growth in electric vehicle sales, the Ranger Lightning will be a big hit with consumers. With multiple patterns predicted to follow, Lightning won’t just strike twice – we’re expecting a full lightning storm. Which would be a great name for a high-performance electric Ford truck, in case Ford is listening.

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