10 reasons why you should consider the Ford F-150 Lightning as your next work truck

Ford likes to relegate model names to the back of the store’s closet. To then resuscitate them several years later. Take the recently resurrected Ford Puma as an example. Once a cheap but capable coupe, the name is resurfacing, but in the form of the Puma compact crossover.

This seems to be standard practice at Ford. With the mighty Ford Bronco, the GT supercar and now the F-150 Lightning, all have the dust blown off their respective nicknames.

But the F-150 Lightning is different. His name now fits the vehicle perfectly, on a whole new level. Powered by electricity, it is sophisticated, fast and very luxurious. But this is not a show vehicle. Here are 10 reasons why you should consider the Ford F-150 Lightning as your next work truck.

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ten It’s future proof

Fossil fuels have had their day. They are expensive. Bad for the environment and considered old technology. The way forward is electric. Electrification is upon us and the Ford Lightning has embraced the push. Owning a van will no longer get you dirty looks.

An ambitious idea, the EV pick-up takes on its full meaning. It’s a powerful beast that makes short work of carrying loads. Towing prowess is incredible, thanks to plenty of torque. It comes loaded with equipment. It can almost be treated as a fully functional mobile office.

9 Lots of space

Served only in Crew Cab configuration, the Lightning’s cargo bed measures 5.5 feet. This allows it to gobble up a 2,000 pound payload. Since there is no engine, a very useful “Frunk” is located under the hood. This gives an additional 14 cubic feet of fully sealed storage space.

Inside, passengers are spoiled for choice. Five adults can sit comfortably, with generous legroom. The seats are also very comfortable. There are plenty of lockers and racks. Plus a useful storage space under the rear seat. He just swallows stuff.

8 No range anxiety

A base spec F-150 Lightning will cover 230 miles, using a standard range battery. Those who want more can opt for the extended range configuration. This battery allows up to 320 miles of range. The larger battery is also better suited for those looking to fire loads.

Ford has the largest public charging network in North America. So running out of juice will never be a worry. Integrated dual chargers also allow for diversity. All Lightning models come with a mobile power cord allowing use with multiple charging outlets. Which is very reassuring.

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seven A lot of choices

Currently, there are 4 models to choose from. Pricing starts at $39,974 for the Lightning Pro. An entry-level machine that is perfect for the everyday craftsman. Capable of towing a 5,000 lb load on its standard battery. It offers excellent value for money. A great work truck.

At the top is the Platinum model at $90,874. With its long-range battery, it will carry 8,500 lbs. Stylish leather bucket seats and an array of advanced technologies await the driver. Transform this hardworking vehicle into a premium luxury truck. It’s impressive.

6 Surprising performance

The original Ford F-150 Lightning SVT trucks were performance driven. Generation 1 trucks had a 240 hp engine, while Generation 2 trucks came with a 380 hp supercharged 5.4-liter V8. Both were quite quick. The new Lightning makes them look like paperweights.

Bursting with energy, the standard vehicle produces 452 hp. Upgrading to the most powerful battery produces 580 hp. Both generate a colossal 775 lb/ft of torque. Bury the accelerator and 60 mph will appear in 4 seconds. The quarter mile can be destroyed in just over 12 seconds.

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5 Towing a line

To show off the truck’s prowess, Ford put the Lightning through some drudgery. A prototype version pulled a line of 1,000,000-pound wagons. All loaded with F-150s. An incredible feat, which shows the limitless capabilities of Ford’s electric vehicle offering. A real powerhouse.

Even with its restrictions in place, the Lightning is an excellent towing vehicle. Pulling up to 7,000 lbs is no problem. There are even several integrated systems to help the driver. With cameras, alignment guides and towing safety features, it’s all included. It’s all about work first, play second.

4 Alternative power plant

A big feature of the front trunk is the 9.6kW power outlet. With 11 power outlets, it can run everything from power tools to popular gadgets. It’s a work truck that really propels you through the day. From home to construction site. It offers flexibility in spades.

It can also be used as a home generator, thanks to Ford’s Home Integration System. It also makes the Lightning a great camping truck. Load it up and head out into the wild. Safe in the knowledge that you won’t have to rough it. Simply pack the microwave oven.

3 Lots of technology

The Ford F-150 Lightning is loaded onto the roof liner with impressive technology. It has the largest touchscreen console of any Ford model. Plus a digital driver display. The two work in harmony to relay vital information. Make information clear and easily accessible.

Updates are automatically pushed to the Ford Lightning via cloud-based technology. Drivers can also configure the interior lighting to suit their moods. Satellite navigation provides live information, as well as weather information. Everything is very smart. And very easy to use at the same time.

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2 A beautiful beast

A subtle but muscular machine. The Ford F-150 may not be as futuristic as the Rivian R1T, but it’s all the better for it. Still aimed at blue-collar workers, the Lightning doesn’t have to look flashy. It is a type of earth salt that can unleash its enormous power when called upon.

The interior is very impressive. Everything seems solidly built and meant to last. The materials offer decent levels of quality. The seats, at all levels, are interdependent. The Lightning looks like a very thoughtful piece of equipment. A truck that won’t let down a hard-working owner.

1 Work horse to save the planet

The number of commercial vans on the road today is enormous. Very few, if any, can claim to be environmentally friendly. The Ford F-150 Lightning changes that. It opens the door to a new way of thinking. A new opportunity for companies to clean up their actions.

Even the techniques used in the construction of the F-150 Lightning benefit the planet. The ripple effects are immense. Greener manufacturing plants reduce pollution. There will be no more waste oil disposal. More recycled materials will be featured. Everything points to a cleaner future.

Robert M. Larson