10 Movies That Were Lightning In A Bottle, According To Reddit

Top Gun: Maverick totally took the world by storm, and it just beat Titanic at the domestic box office, earning over $662 million in the United States. Considering the film is the sequel to a 35-year-old film, features some of the most incredible practical stunts of all time, and emotionally brings back the Iceman, the 2022 release absolutely captured lightning in a bottle.

But Top Gun: Maverick isn’t the only film to have done such a thing, and Redditors have been debating which other films have also captured lightning in a bottle. For a movie, to capture lightning in a bottle is to do something completely original and something that hasn’t been done since, whether it’s specifically unique storytelling, seamless special effects or a best picture winning horror film.


ten The Matrix (1999)

Halbort notes that the 1999 classic was lightning in a bottle for how the fanfare grew thanks to the internet. The Redditor explains: “Probably The matrix was coming out right at the start of the internet boom.” But that’s not the only way the film captured lightning in a bottle. The matrix was cool then and is still cool now, nobody could get away with making a cyberpunk movie like that today.

The movie has been parodied to death, and even 21 years later movies like Space Jam: A New Legacy continue to parody bullet time and leather jackets. And nothing proves the movie was lightning in a bottle better than the fact that even the newly released The Matrix Resurrections could capture the same magic.

9 Back to the Future (1985)

TheUltimateFunny think Back to the future was lightning in a bottle. The Redditor comments, “Couldn’t do a remake because of the cast, score, songs and time period. If any of those elements had been turned off, I don’t think they would be as celebrated as they are. is today.” However, that hasn’t stopped the studio from trying, as there have been rumors of a Back to the future remake being in development for decades. But it just wouldn’t be the same.

Everything went perfectly despite Back to the future having major setbacks. Eric Stoltz was replaced halfway through production, and he wouldn’t have been as successful if he had kept his original name, Spaceman from Pluto. So while it was lightning in a bottle, it very well could have been the opposite.

8 The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

JasChew6113 believes that The Thesilenceofthelambs was lightning in a bottle, commenting, “Perfection in every category. Doubt we’ll ever see something like this again.” It’s not only one of six horror films nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars, but it actually won.

The film is also one of the few films to have won in all major categories as well; Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor and Best Actress. Unfortunately, the sequels are the result of diminishing returns and don’t even compare to the original, even though Hannibal is only bad compared to its predecessor.

seven Jurassic Park (1993)

Hush-hide argues that jurassic park was lightning in a bottle, postulating, “The timing for CGI too, being so new and something people haven’t seen before. Really fits right into the show and the directing of the movie.” The 1993 film was enhanced by its limitations, as CGI was far from perfect, meaning Spielberg had no choice but to use both practical and digital effects, leading to the more transparent use of the two.

Not only does the movie still hold up, but it looks better and more believable than most other CGI-filled movies released today. And while the recent jurassic world the movies deliver the dinosaur spectacle that audiences clearly crave, they aren’t half as well received as the 1993 original.

6 Star Wars: A New Hope (1977)

Relative-Ad-87 remember when Star Wars: A New Hope was first released in 1977, commenting, “You had to be there, I guess, but the cultural impact was huge. It was like a before and after.” At the time, the film grossed a whopping $3.7 billion inflation-adjusted, and it was an event like no other.

However, if it is true that it is difficult to understand what Star Wars’ The release was like 45 years ago, there’s no denying the impact the original film had on the film industry. The mark the sci-fi adventure left on the cinematic landscape can still be seen today, and what’s more impressive is that it had a budget of just $11 million.

5 Cloverfield (2008)

Liazzy believes Cloverfield was lightning in a bottle for many reasons, including the marketing of the film. There were hundreds of monster movies that aired in 2008, but no one had ever been more intrigued by them than they were by Cloverfield.

The Redditor sums it up best, explaining, “It was also probably the first time I’ve seen such successful viral marketing. All the construction of the weird trailers and THAT poster. It all lined up perfectly for what was an enjoyable movie. and fresh.” Cloverfield had the most memorable marketing to keep the movie mysterious, and it built on the lore using weird websites for movie-related businesses. Many film marketing campaigns have attempted to imitate Cloverfield’sbut none have been so successful.

4 Caddyshack (1980)

Recruit512 argues that Caddyshack was lightning in a bottle for its cast of comedians. The Redditor postulates, “Too many great comedy actors and comedians in one movie to remake. The chemistry between them was amazing.” However, there have been movies released since the 1980 film that feature SNL alumni who have succeeded and totally refreshing, like those of 2011 Bridesmaids.

But Caddyshack was the first example of such a thing, and for a very long time it was the only example. Maybe that’s also why Caddy II is considered one of the worst sequels of all time because most of the original cast didn’t return and it lacked that crucial chemistry.

3 Galaxy Quest (1999)

OtakuTacos believes that Galactic Quest was lightning in a bottle. However Galactic Quest isn’t the best-known comedy in the world, something doesn’t have to be successful to remain a flash in a bottle. The film acted as a parody of star trek while paying homage to him, and it couldn’t have been better.

Galactic Quest was more consistent with what star trek was as opposed to the high-octane action blockbusters the series is today. And while the current TV show The Orville did a similar thing, the show only found its stride once it became more of a legit sci-fi series and less of a comedy.

2 Die Hard (1988)

die hard was original for how it was a mature, violent Christmas movie, and it was original for how John McClane was just an everyday guy who took on terrorists (something that was ruined at each passing sequel). Not only that, but it was also original in the way the action movie unfolded in one location, as McClane took on the Germans in the now iconic Nakatomi Plaza. And that’s why AJerkForAllSeasons think die hard was lightning in a bottle.

The Redditor posits, “Think how many times you’ve heard ‘That’s die hard on a…” and whatever it is, it’s usually crap or below average compared to reality die hard“There have been so many die hard copiers over the decades, whether die hard on a plane (Air Force One), die hard on a boat (Under Seige), or die hard in a high-rise building (Lowering), and they’re never that great.

1 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)

The first one Pirates of the Caribbean the film was like lightning in a bottle, especially since it was simply based on a ride through a theme park. Scoob79 makes a great argument for the film, commenting, “It just feels like no one will be able to make a bootleg movie outside of this IP for very long and get their money back.”

The Redditor also points out that Captain Jack Sparrow is such an iconic pirate, and as he cruised the pier on a half-sunk ship, it was a character introduction like no other. It’s a testament to how well Disney crafted a pirate movie that there hasn’t been a major movie since. Even on television, the networks refrained from creating a pirate-based show until the recent release of the HBO comedy series, Our flag means death.

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